Home or Gym Training: Which is Better?


As we move into the next calendar year, both those who workout regularly and those who want to get back into exercise may be thinking about their fitness goals. One important decision is where you decide to workout: at home or at the gym. There are pros and cons to each option, so it really depends on what works best for you.

Benefits of Training at the Gym

If you train at the gym, you won’t have to buy any equipment, because everything you need will be right there. You’ll have someone available to answer any questions about any of the machines, and seeing everyone working out around you can give you extra motivation. Gyms also typically have fitness classes, pools, and even saunas.

Drawbacks of Training at the Gym

Of course, there are also some drawbacks to working out the gym. You may have to wait in line for certain machines, and you’ll need enough money to pay the monthly fee. If you’re not a people person, all the commotion inside a gym can be distracting, especially if you’re around a lot of grunters lifting heavy weights.

Benefits of Training at Home

If you train at home and have personal motivation, it may be easier to get workouts in than it would if you had to commute to a gym. Your workout times can be much more flexible, and you can even workout at odd times when a normal gym would be closed. You can also workout in the comfort of your own space and have quick access to your personal shower when you’re done. Some people are even able to multitask when they workout at home, including taking phone calls while they walk on the treadmill.

Drawbacks of Training at Home

When you’re at the gym, you may be less likely to get distracted. You’ll be in an enclosed atmosphere where everyone is focusing on the same goal as you. At home, you may have family members vying for your attention, or you might find yourself wanting to do other things instead, like cleaning the house, taking a nap or working on a project. You also won’t have as much access to varied equipment, and you’ll lose the ability to ask someone for assistance unless you have a personal trainer.

Ultimately, the decision to workout at home or at the gym is entirely up to you. Take personal inventory of what motivates you to exercise and what causes you to procrastinate. This inventory, along with any health concerns, should help you make an informed decision about the right location to get in shape.


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