Quick And Easy Ways To Stretch Your Food Dollars


Every cent counts when you are trying to stretch the budget so that the family can have enough food day after day. You need to be wise when shopping so as to save on resources and get everything you require. The following are a few tried and tested tips that you might want to consider:

Track Your Household Consumption Habits

Monitor what the entire household spends on for about a week or two. This should be enough time to gather data and see patterns. It will force everyone to be more conscious of how money is allocated and what excesses could be done away with. After seeing the current picture, identify the good habits and weed out the bad.

Plan Weekly Meals Ahead of Time

Next, try to put a method to the madness by planning weekly meals well ahead of time. Think about what balanced meals should look like for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Review this menu with the family to get their comments and suggestions.

Write Down a List of Things to Buy

List the necessary ingredients to make each meal. Include the prices and quantities for grocery budgeting. Bring this list with you to the store so you can quickly get every item from the shelves. Your trips to the store will be more efficient and you are less likely to be tempted by impulse purchases.

Don’t Shop for Food While Hungry

Behavioral studies show that people tend to buy more food when shopping on an empty stomach. Perhaps our brain overestimates what we need because of our physiological state. Eat well at home before leaving for the store.

Shop Where Items are Cheaper

Avoid the smaller convenience stores as much as possible as they sell their merchandise at higher prices. Go to regular grocery stores where there are more special offers and items are sold at lower prices. Club warehouses are also an option for people who are shopping for large families as these tend to provide great deals on bulk purchases.

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5 thoughts on “Quick And Easy Ways To Stretch Your Food Dollars

  1. Your content is so useful!! These topics are very relatable to others so please keep posting. I agree with all your points. My family enjoys Costco warehouse trips but when shopping for one or two people, costco does end up being way more expensive. Also, when we’re hungry, the costco samples tastes so much better.

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