Healthy Exotic Fruits You Should Try


The world is a beautiful place with so many different races and cultures. With so many climate and geographical variations, it is no wonder that every country produces distinctive crops that are unique in appearance but downright delicious. Fruits, in particular, are available in a range of different size, fragrances, and tastes and we’ve listed a few of the most delicious healthy exotic fruits we’ve come across.

1. Papayas are tropical fruit that are soft, fragrant and quite delicious. Christopher Columbus described the fruit as the ‘ fruit of the angels’ and he was not wrong. The raw fruit is commonly used in Asian cooking as a meat tenderizer. Shredded raw papaya is also added to salads due to its tart taste. The ripe fruit is wonderfully moist and succulent and a faint peachy taste. It is also loaded with vitamins and minerals making it an energy-filled food.

2. Durian is an extremely smelly fruit. In fact, almost every airline in the world prohibits transportation and import of the fruit due to its nose-numbing pong. However, the ripe fruit has a lovely custardy texture and sweet taste.

3. Rambutans were a traditional Malaysian fruit but they are now available worldwide. The hairy red fruits may look weird but they have a soft interior with a tart grape-like taste.

4. Cherimoyas can be a confusion in tastes. The soft fruit combines the best features of bananas, pineapples and creamy milk custard.

5. Chico or sapotas are another tropical fruit that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The fruit is roughly shaped like a ball and it tastes like a caramelized apple.

6. Passionfruit taste great but the appearance can put off a few people. Although the fruit is a lovely maroon color, the pulp appears sticky and gelatinous. The pulp, however, tastes wonderfully creamy like a mango and it is delicious in puddings, cakes and custards.

Do take the time to try at least one of the wonderful fruits listed in this article. With globalization bringing the world closer, you can easily find and order these fruits online through grocery retailers.

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