Health Benefits Of Mesquite Flour


Mesquite flour comes from the mesquite pods. The powder made from mesquite pods has been in use for a number of years as a source of food for the natives in the tree growing areas. The tree usually does well in hot and dry areas and has numerous names depending on the country in question. It has at least 45 species and has the following health benefits.

The flour has highly soluble fibers. These allow for slow and efficient digestion of food in the also helps in the maintenance of the health of the digestive system. The fiber also makes absorption of food more efficient. The flour is also rich in nutrients and therefore is healthy for your body. It contains such nutrients as zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Mesquite flour has very low levels of fat usually at around three percent. Therefore you need not worry about excessive fats in your body upon consumption of the flour. You can also reap the health benefits of eliminating sugar from your diet and including mesquite as a sweetener in your drinks and food if need be. However, the use of mesquite in addition to conventional sugar may not be beneficial to your body since this mesquite is not a superfood as many people seem to think.

Using mesquite flour is also beneficial since it has been proven to be gluten-free. This is a benefit for people with celiac disease since gluten inhibits absorption of nutrients in the small intestines. They can therefore get the benefits of consuming flour without adverse health effects. It is also a great source of proteins to the body. Mesquite is estimated to contain between eleven to seventeen percent of proteins.

Besides its health benefits, it is also a great sweetener for foods. It can therefore be used in baked foods, drinks and soups to improve on their tastes. It has also been shown to ensure that the foods stay good for longer periods. This has been taken as an indication of the presence of antioxidants though this has not been specifically isolated.

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