Tips For Better Sit Ups


Sit ups are among the classic barometers of fitness. Even the military tests its applicants and personnel regularly to see if they can perform the required number within a specified period. Yet you don’t have to be in the armed forces to benefit from this exercise. It strengthens the core and sculpts one of the major problem areas of the body. Everyone can become fitter by doing it on a regular basis. It may be difficult at first for beginners but these sit up tips should help:

Learn the Proper Form

There are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to sit ups. Improper form can cause muscle strains and other injuries. It will also be ineffective at targeting the abdominal muscles since the stress is being felt in other parts of the body. A person may not be able to do as much as he wants because he isn’t going about it properly. Another may be counting a lot of repetitions when each of them was actually invalid. Before making a habit out of it, learn how to perform the workout in the right manner.

Measure Your Baseline

In order to measure your progress, you have to know where your starting point is. This will be your baseline from which your workouts will depend. Try to perform sit ups using the proper form for two minutes nonstop. Just get as many repetitions as you can without sacrificing form. Then divide this number by 3 and you have the number of reps that you should do regularly. Do 3 sets of these with a half a minute break in-between. This workout should be completed every other day.

Perform Auxiliary Strengthening Exercises

Don’t stop at sit ups. Strengthen your abdominal muscles and the entire core with other exercises. These will improve the supporting structure around your midsection. In time, you will be able to do more sit ups with ease because of this. Examples include variations of the plank hold, V sits, and the Captain’s chair exercise.

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