Yoga Poses That Help You Sleep Better


Sleeping problems are common and a typical cause for poor sleep is stress. It is difficult to fall asleep if you are stressed out, and lack of sleep can make you even more stressed.¨Yoga can help anyone sleep better by lowering stress levels and relieving physical and mental tension. Certain yoga poses are especially good for balancing the nervous system and helping the body and the mind to calm down. Deep, even breathing is the best way to relax in these yoga poses for sleep.

Easy Yoga Poses for Sleep

1. Try an easy forward bend by sitting cross-legged on the floor and folding forward. Bring your forehead to or towards the floor and reach forward with your arms, placing your hands on the floor for support. Take deep even breaths.

2. Balasana or Child’s pose is one of the most popular relaxation postures and it is often used in the final relaxation in many yoga classes. In the child’s pose you need to sit on your knees and then fold your torso over your legs, lengthening the back and bringing the forehead to the ground. Leave your arms on the sides of the body or extend them to reach out over your head on the floor. Breathe deeply and make your inhalation and exhalation even. This pose can help to stretch out the back, ease tension and calm the mind.

3. Inversions can help, too. Shoulder-stand and Halasana (the plow pose) are both beneficial, but are best learned from a teacher. If you have never tried these postures before there is an easy version to try at home. Lie on your back and lift your legs up against a wall. Breathe deeply. You can stay in this pose for several minutes to enjoy its de-stressing benefits.

Yoga can be a natural sleep aid. A regular yoga practice helps you to feel calm during the day and to fall asleep at night. Everyone can practice simple yoga postures at home but it is always better to find a qualified teacher when learning challenging postures. Follow us for more articles that will keep you healthy and happy!


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