Am I Addicted to Love?


Falling in love is one of the greatest feelings that we humans have been given as a gift in this life. Tied to a release of “feel-good” chemicals from the brain, feelings of love in a person mimic the “high” that one gets when using drugs and alcohol, so it is easy to see how people can quite literally get addicted to love.

Am I Addicted to Love?

We have all felt those warm and fuzzy feelings you get when you start off a new relationship with your significant other… You feel uncontrollably happy, everything is perfect, you can barely contain yourself, and you look back and realize that you were not as happy before as you are now in this new and exciting relationship. Those feelings are the bases for a love addiction. Just like taking a drug or alcohol for the first time, you do feel euphoric and on top of the world; and while this early happiness will fade over time, it can leave some craving those feelings again and again.

When The Initial Feelings of Happiness Fade

Those first feelings are guaranteed to fade. While many are able to retain the “spark” that they had at the beginning of their relationships, most of us will experience these initial feelings fade and re-surge from time to time — in the normal manner that feelings of love should balance themselves off. This is due to the body wanting to keep a balance of chemicals in your brain and systems. After all, it would be dangerous for you to be walking around all hopped up on feelings of love and oblivious to dangers around. With love addiction, these feelings often not only fade, but recede so far that it leaves the individual suffering from depression and other negative mental health effects. When this happens, the love addict tends to blame the current significant other, and breaks off the relationship in order to find someone new that brings back those “new love feelings.”

Treatment for Love Addiction

Love addiction is a very real issue that can leave a person unable to commit, can rope them into dangerous relationships, and can take an extensive toll on mental health. This is why love addiction is one of the biggest behavioral health and psychological issues being treated by psychiatrists and behavioral professionals. Tackling a love addiction requires getting to the root of the causes of your love addiction, including any traumatic factors that may have happened during childhood. Though you have to be ready to face your addiction, and it will require work, love addiction can be successfully treated in a way that will leave you healthier, more independent, and can leave you ready for a committed and healthy relationship.

Learn More About the Treatment of Love Addictions Below:

Love Addiction Treatment


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