Red Means Go For Bell Peppers


Red bell peppers add color and a mild kick of flavor to any dish they are added to, though many people do not realize the powerful nutritional punch these peppers pack as well. Bell peppers are part of the capsicum family, but they are the only ones that do not produce the heat inducing capsaicin.

Red is Full of Nutrition

The red bell peppers are more nutritionally dense than their less ripe counterparts, green bell peppers. The red bells have nine times the carotene than green, and twice the vitamin C! In addition to the C they have 25% of your daily A, and 10% of your folate and vitamin E. They also offer a dose of B vitamins and an array of minerals. Red bell peppers deliver anti-aging cell rejuvenating nutrients to your body. Unlike multivitamins it is in a form you can use them.

These nutritionally dense peppers are great for weight loss, they offer 1.18 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of fiber, 5 grams of natural sugar (this is offset by the fiber), with only 37 calories for a whole medium pepper. They go great alone with a little salt and pepper, in addition to a salad, in an omelet, or sautéed with other healthy colorful vegetables.

Red is Full of Flavor

Bell peppers in general are sweeter than other peppers, but red bell peppers are even more flavorful than green and it comes from ripening in the sun just a bit longer. It is that simple, and natural. The best things in life seem to work that way.

Adding bell peppers to your diet is a great way to enjoy a few more bites of salad or eggs without adding too many more calories. They are a great addition to a chopped salad. The limit to what you can add your red bell peppers to is up to your imagination. Mix them up with some green and yellow peppers, some chopped celery, and carrots to make a crunchy refreshing midday snack. Even a little adds a lot of sweet pepper flavor, yet if you like a lot the calories will remain low.

To learn more about nutritionally dense low calorie foods, follow us. We have more article that will keep you healthy and happy.


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