Best Foods For Bone And Joint Health


Having strong bones and joints is an important aspect of your overall health. However, as many as three out of four Americans have vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is important because it plays a big role in building strong bones. Another essential bone-building nutrient is calcium. Here are five of the best foods for bone and joint health:


Yogurt is a calcium rich food that you should include in your diet. An 8-ounce serving of yogurt packs 400mg of calcium. Moreover, yogurt is protein-rich and has plenty of good gut bacteria. It is advisable to go for non-fat yogurt because it is healthier (does not increase risk of adding excess fat).

Calcium fortified cereals

Calcium fortified cereals should be part of your diet as well. You can get as much as 600mg of calcium by taking calcium-fortified cereals plus a cup of milk every morning. This will give you 50% of the recommended daily calcium intake for adults. The rule of thumb is to go for cereals with low sugar and high fiber content. Remember, fiber generally makes one feel full for longer. Low sugar content is good if you are trying to lose weight.

Leafy greens

Include dark leafy greens such as kales, Bok Choy, and spinach in your diet because they are calcium rich. For example, a single cup of Collard greens packs 256mg of calcium. Most grocery stores sell a wide variety of dark leafy greens.

Milk alternatives

Although milk is a great source of calcium, it is not good news to people with lactose intolerance. This is where milk alternatives like soy milk come in handy. A single cup of soymilk will give you 300mg of calcium.


Edamame is a soybean that grows widely in the Asian region and it is a great source of calcium. Half a cup of Edamame has 197mg of calcium. The good news is it is available at grocery stores in the US. You can buy fresh or frozen Edamame soybeans to cook at home.

The best foods for bone and joint health are essentially calcium rich foods. Good examples of such foods include daily diet include yogurt, calcium fortified cereals, Edamame, dark leafy greens, and milk alternatives.

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3 thoughts on “Best Foods For Bone And Joint Health

  1. I eat almost everything in the list above, just not milk or the soybean (never heard of it and I’ll look for this now). I “try” to get the natural form too from the sun when it produces Vitamin D, but I take the Vitamin D3 (capsule form-I empty the contents and throw the plastic covering) when the sun didn’t come out (like this past week of Spring stormy weather here lately). Thanks for food suggestions, which I’ll be looking for Edamame in my next grocery shopping trip! 🙂

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