The Best Simple Exercises For Pregnant Women


Exercises for pregnant women can help them tone their muscles, improve their core strength and endurance, and prepare for labor. Regular exercises can also help pregnant women sleep better, carry the weight they gain in pregnancy, improve their mood, and get back into shape faster after the baby is born. In addition, exercise can keep preeclampsia at bay and may also help treat and prevent gestational diabetes.

Regular exercise is so beneficial during pregnancy that gynecologists and obstetricians recommend pregnant women exercise at least a half an hour every day of the week. The ideal workout should keep one limber, get one’s heart pumping, prepare one’s muscles without causing undue physical strain, and help in managing weight gain.

Activities such as weight training and running are fine in the beginning; however, pregnant women should modify their workouts as they grow bigger. Those who combine aerobic exercises with muscle–strengthening workouts often experience the biggest benefits. To get the full benefits, they should workout at least three times a week, and build certain activities, such as gardening, taking the stairs, and doing housework, into their daily life.

However, they should avoid activities where there is a risk of falling and slipping, or hitting the baby bump. Such activities include certain sports, such as gymnastics, squash, horse riding, rollerblading, and skiing. Expectant moms should, therefore, consult their health care providers before embarking on any workout regime. The following workouts are safe in pregnancy, though some may be unsuitable for the last few months.

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Weight training
  • Aerobics
  • Dance
  • Pelvic floor exercises

    At A Healthy Squeeze Health and Nutrition Blog we strive to offer excellent ideas and informative articles on health and well-being for everyone, including expectant mothers. Whether one is a former couch potato looking to get started on pregnancy exercises or a regular exerciser looking to improve her pregnancy workout regimen, following the new ideas outlined in our blog can help keep one healthy.

    When working out, expectant moms should always remember to warm up, wear the right clothes, steer clear of dangerous sports, drink plenty of water, take in extra calories, and avoid overdoing it.

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