The Best Workout Routines For Heart Health


Lack of physical exercise/activity can increase your risk of developing heart disease significantly. This is in addition to other chronic health problems like type 2 diabetes. The good news is you can reduce these risks by engaging in the best workout routines for heart health. Good examples of workouts for heart health include:


Swimming is a great all round exercise that will also improve your heart health. To start with, the act of swimming raises one’s heart rate. Additionally, swimming improves muscular strength due to multi-directional water resistance. It is worth noting that swimming is a great exercise, especially for people with joint problems such as the elderly because they can exercise without experiencing a lot of pain due to buoyancy of water.


Another effective way of improving heart health is walking. Health experts recommend at least 150 minutes of physical activity every week. You can turn this into a 20¬ to 30-minute walk every day around your neighborhood, local park, or hiking trail.

Interval training

Interval or circuit training typically involves high-intensity cardio workouts. In most cases, practitioners combine multiple workouts. For example, strength training and cardio exercises. The beauty of doing interval training is it improves one’s heart health, endurance, and muscle strength.


Running/jogging is one of the most effective ways of improving heart health as well as shedding excess weight. The general rule of thumb for novices is to start with a brisk walk interspersed by two minutes or so of running after every five minutes. As your physical fitness improves, you can ramp up running time to get the most out of your exercise routine.


Just like swimming, cycling is a low-impact exercise ideal for people with joint problems. You can cycle indoors in a gym or outdoors. Moreover, you can perform cycling exercises alone or with others such as members of a cycling club. You can use time spent cycling to run errands such as picking up groceries at local stores. After building endurance, you can try off road cycling to tone your body and improve core muscle strength.

To improve your heart health, you should perform physical exercises such as running, cycling, swimming, interval training, or walking.Remember to stay hydrated while performing these exercises.

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