Duct Tape Uses for Health and Fitness


When it comes to health and fitness, some people will say that they are willing to try just about anything. If you happen to be one of those people, then get ready to grab the roll of duct tape out of the junk drawer. Take a moment to check out the various ways duct tape can help you with your health and fitness needs.

Removal Of Warts Using Duct Tape

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars at the dermatologists or on over the counter creams, you might want to give duct tape a try. Simply cut a piece of duct tape and cover your wart with it. Leave the duct tape on all day and only replace it should it start to fall off because of exposure to water. Some people say that after several days of doing this that they are able to see the wart slowly reduce in size because the glue on the duct tape is pulling the wart out.

Prevention Of Foot Blisters Using Duct Tape

If you do a lot of walking or running and have noticed that you often times end up with a blister on your foot, you might need to try another way to prevent that from happening. One of the best ways, a way that many people will swear by is to stick a piece of cut duct tape over the area on your foot that is prone to getting blisters. You will still feel your feet, but there will now be that extra layer of protection between yourself and the shoes.

Trapping Of Flies Using Duct Tape

You do not want a lot of flies buzzing around your house since they are dirty of carry disease with them. So what are you supposed to do if you end up with a lot of flies in your home? You could spend a ton of money on fly papers that stick to the ceiling. But why do that when you can just hang pieces of duct tape from the ceiling, which will catch just as many flies.

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As you can see, there are actually ways good old duct tape can help your health, as well as keep things in order . Keep following A Healthy Squeeze for more information for more great articles on health, fitness, lifestyle and everything else.


5 thoughts on “Duct Tape Uses for Health and Fitness

  1. I actually tested out a version of your last suggestion, the fly paper duct tape, in a worse sort of way, when I had the bad fortune to live in an apartment infested with cockroaches. At that time I had no bed frame, so every night I surrounded my mattress with a rectangle of duct tape face up on the floor. Lo and behold, each morning the sticky face of the tape was loaded with all the insects that had not had any opportunity to get to me because they stuck to the duct tape instead!

    I truly hope this doesn’t gross your readers out, but i thought you were very brave even to post about the flies frankly, so I figured you might accept this comment about the danged roaches and how duct tape helped save the day in the case of another “household health problem”.

    Thanks for visiting Wagblog.

    OMG I just realized that it is April 1 today, but truthfully this is no April fool’s day joke, I really had to solve this roach problem and duct tape did work, just as your duct tape fly paper likely would!

    Thanks again, and my best to you,

    pam wagner

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