10 Beauty Routines To Achieve Perfect Beauty Sleep

133848816Every woman has a beauty routine.  The only question is, ‘Am I addressing all the areas of my body that I should?’ The best way to determine if your routine is complete is to ask yourself do you feel like your whole body receives the care it deserves.

Rejuvenate Your Skin!

Good beauty routines cover the entire body from the skin to the teeth, hair and nails.  If you follow these ten steps, you will find that you have limited the breakout of blemishes. You will have hydrated and rejuvenated your skin, making your skin glow and improved your skin tone.

1) Your first step is to remove your makeup.  Using a good eye cream, remove eye liner and mascara.  Remove all your makeup with a makeup remover or cold cream to cleanse your skin thoroughly.

2) A toner will restore the PH balance of your skin making it more resistant to micro-organisms and bacteria.  178493609Using it nightly by applying it with a cotton pad over the entire face and neck area will cleanse your skin of impurities, dust and pollution.

3) Taking care of your hands should also be a part of your skin care regimen.  Wash your hands nightly with a mild soap and pat them dry.  Afterwards, apply a good hand cream.  This will moisturize your hands and help prevent sagging skin and wrinkles.

4) Always take care of the skin around your eyes, as it is often the first place to show aging.  Apply eye cream before bed.  Starting at the inner eye and working outward to the outer eye.

5) To take care of your whole body, always include your dental health.  Brush your teeth and floss before going to bed at night.  Brush no sooner than 30 minutes after eating and brush for at least two minutes.

6) To keep the skin on your feet soft, wash them nightly and apply petroleum jelly to your whole foot.  Afterwards put thick socks on.  This will help soften rough dry skin.

7) At night do not allow the dirt and oils in your hair to come in contact with your face. Pin your hair back in a bun.  This will also keep your hair from tangling.

8) To prevent and or soothe cracked or dry itchy skin, use a humidifier at night.  Increase moisture in the air can relieve many skin conditions.

9) Use silk pillow cases instead of cotton.  This will keep your hairs from being pulled out by the fibers in the pillow case.  Silk also has inherent properties amino acids and proteins that help the skin stay young looking.

10) The last step in your beauty routine should always be to get a minimum of 7 to 8 hours uninterrupted beauty sleep every night.

176967270Reap the Rewards

Follow this beauty routine every night and you will reap the rewards of looking younger for longer. You will have more a youthful skin tone and texture and you’ll feel better about your appearance.

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