The Healthy Benefits of Adding Fenugreek to Your Diet


Fresh herbs and plants can be very delicious, and can come with some hidden health benefits that you would never even have considered; especially is the case with fenugreek. Native to Mediterranean areas, and found all throughout India and Southeast Asia, fenugreek — also known as Greek Hay — has a fresh aromatic flavor and has many health benefits and medical uses.

Vitamins and Constituents

Loaded with vitamins, amino acids and nutrients, fenugreek is often eaten for breakfast and added to morning pastries, pancakes and breads for their high concentration of vitamins. Health nutrients in fenugreek include:

  • 177434304Protein
  • Vitamin C
  • Niacin
  • Potassium
  • Diosgenin
  • Alkaloids
  • Lysine
  • L-tryptophan
  • Yamogenin
  • Tigogenin
  • Neotigogenin

Not only are fenugreek plants an excellent source of vitamins and amino acids, but they are used in many areas of Southeast Asia and India as medicine and as treatment for many ailments. For many years, fenugreek was a staple ingredient sold in apothecaries.

Fenugreek for High Cholesterol

Though used for centuries to treat high cholesterol and the symptoms of high blood pressure, fenugreek has long been known to help these ailments, but only recently have scientists proven the shockingly high benefits of fenugreek in one’s diet.

Fenugreek For Diabetes

Scientists were shocked when studies were done on how fenugreek helps those suffering from diabetes. Though it was long known to help those with blood sugar problems, the huge benefits of fenugreek for diabetics again proved it to be an all-around beneficial product.

Topical Uses for Fenugreek

While ingesting fenugreek is very beneficial toward a person’s health, they can also be used topically, made into creams or salves, and treat a number of skin issues. Just like aloe vera, fenugreek works wonders on burns, cuts, abrasions and even dry skin. It is highly recommended for those suffering from eczema, as it reduces redness and helps to moisturize. To make a lotions of fenugreek, simply grind the seeds and add water to make a light paste.

Our Favorite Fenugreek Dish?
Methi Paratha:


Get the Recipe HERE >>


4 thoughts on “The Healthy Benefits of Adding Fenugreek to Your Diet

  1. This is wonderful! Such a fan of fenugreek. Something to add — fenugreek is highly beneficial while nursing to increase milk production, I used it in tea daily, with the added benefit of making you smell a lot like maple syrup. Georgina @ Soul & Stomach

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