Basics of Using Hand and Stand Mixers


Using a stand mixer or a hand mixer is basically a very easy thing to do, but there are some precautions you must be prepared to take.  Using a hand mixer has some of the same basic principals needed for using a stand mixer.  Both mix more effectively when you begin mixing on a low speed and gradually increase the speed after the mixer is submerged in the batter.

499578379First start out with a deep bowl and blender paddles that fit comfortably into the bowl.  To beat eggs, place the cracked eggs in the bowl. Place the hand mixer’s beaters into the egg and turn it on to a low setting. Slowly increase the speed if needed.  Beat the egg for the required amount of time.

To remove any batter from the blades, simply lift blades out of the batter but keep them below the lip of the bowl.  Turn the beaters onto a mid range speed and let the blades spin, releasing the remaining batter attached to the blades.  Rinse the blades in water and a cleaning solution and then rinse again with plain water. Allow to dry and use another time.

The same concepts are used for stand mixers.  Start out with low settings and then increase the speed.  When adding ingredients, keep the beaters submerged in the batter and slowly add the new ingredients to the mix.  If adding dry ingredients, put a small portion of the mix in at one time, until all the ingredients have been added.

The new hand mixer is easy to learn how to use.  Just remember to always have the beater inside the bowl before turning it on and always start out on a low setting for both hand held mixers and stand mixers.  If batter is stuck to the sides of the bowl, turn off the mixer and use a spatula to scrape the batter off the sides.  Next,  attempt to incorporate all the batter into the beaten mixture.

The mixers, both hand mixers and stand mixers were created to make baking an easier task.  If used properly they will mix batters much faster than hand mixing.  They can froth mixes faster and create peaks in egg whites much faster on high speeds.  Learn the tricks and enjoy your new mixer.  Check back with us regularly for more tips on the appropriate use of kitchen appliances.



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