Half Marathon for Runners and Travelers Alike


The City of Philadelphia recently announced the first annual 2014 Philadelphia Love Run which will be happening March 30, 2014. This marathon aims to provide a day of entertainment, fitness, and exploration as the half marathon winds through the streets of Philadelphia. This event is not just for those hardcore marathon junkies that push themselves to the limit in as many marathons around the U.S. as possible; families, children, and all are invited to join in on the half-marathon at whatever pace suits you best.


There are still 143 days left before the race in March of 2014, as of today. Spots are still open for individual runners and even for teams of runners who would like to sign up and run for their own special causes. While there are still reserved spots available, the time is flying by as fast as the runners themselves. Don’t miss this opportunity to get outdoors and participate in this healthy activity, explore Philadelphia, and spend some time with the family or friends. We will save a spot for you.

Sign up Now, and Reserve Your Spot in the Half Marathon:
half marathons philadelphia


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